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Pastrami - Sliced by the Pound

Pastrami - Sliced by the Pound

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Here is the tastiest Pastrami you can buy, a cornerstone of Katz's meat offerings and a memorable excursion into deli sandwich luxury. Our incredibly tender, melt-in-your-mouth pastrami doesn't get this way by chance - here's a glimspe into the rigorous process:

1)  First, we pickle the meat for 3 weeks in our secret brine solution
2)  Then we apply a spice blend to the outside of the meat (aka. "the rub")
3)  The meat is then slow-smoked for 3 days at a low, even temperature
4)  Followed by boiling in our kitchen for 3 hours
5)  And then steamed behind our carving counter
6)  Finally, the pastrami is carved by hand by the most experienced deli staff on the planet.

So, this is no *ordinary* pastrami.

In the words of our talented, knife-wielding meat cutters behind the counter, "Who's Next?!"

  • Pastrami is by nature, a fatty cut of meat. If you would prefer a leaner cut of pastrami order the Lean Sliced Pastrami option.
  • You can assume between 2-3 sandwiches per pound.


Separate and loosen meat and sprinkle with 2-3 tablespoons of water.


    a) *PREFERRED METHOD*  Place on a microwave-safe plate, cover, and microwave on HIGH for 40-60 seconds. Remove from the microwave, leaving the cover on and WAIT for 30 seconds. Uncover and ENJOY!

    b) Place the sliced meat in a double boiler or steamer (a spaghetti pot, colander and lid will work well!). 
        Steam only until the meat gets hot for about 3 minutes. Don't over-steam!